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Season 2 Highlight Reel Thumbnail

Season Two Highlight Reel

In this episode of Brand2Brand, Thomas and Veronica take a stroll down memory lane, revisiting some of season two’s greatest moments. From discussing the importance of building brand equity to exploring emerging technology, join us as we dive back into everything we covered during season two.

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Jasper v Sanas

Jasper vs. Sanas: Is AI Coming for Our Jobs?

In this episode of Brand2Brand, Thomas and Veronica discuss artificial intelligence in the workplace, looking at brands like Jasper and Sanas to better understand if AI is really coming for our jobs. We also explore viable AI tools that companies are leveraging to enhance their team’s ability to execute quality work without replacing them. Reference […]

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National Geo v Spatial

National Geographic vs. Spatial: Traversing the Metaverse

In this episode of Brand2Brand, Thomas and Veronica explore virtual reality (VR). We look at emerging VR brands like National Geographic and Spatial to discuss what this technology means for the future of business and how we connect and communicate with each other, along with the areas where this technology still needs to evolve for […]

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Costco v Bed Bath Beyond

Costco vs. Bed Bath & Beyond: What’s in a Brand Name?

In this episode of Brand2Brand, Thomas and Veronica discuss the relationship between price, quality and brand name. We look at brands like Costco and Bed Bath & Beyond to examine the strategies of building brand equity through private labeling. Reference Links: Here’s The Real Truth About Costco’s Kirkland Brand ‘Costco relaxes my soul’: 6 die-hard […]

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Pixar v Daily shoW

Pixar vs. The Daily Show: How Psychological Safety Drives Results

In this episode of Brand2Brand, Thomas and Veronica talk about psychological safety in the workplace. We look at Pixar and The Daily Show to uncover how honest environments deliver the greatest results. Reference Links: Google’s Project Aristotle Google Spent 2 Years Studying 180 Teams. The Most Successful Ones Shared These 5 Traits | Ensure […]

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Shopify v Robinhood

Shopify vs. Robinhood: Protecting Your Brand Through Layoffs

In this episode of Brand2Brand, Thomas and Veronica explore corporate restructuring amidst a potential recession. We look at Shopify and Robinhood to dig into how brands are navigating layoffs. Reference Links: LinkedIn – Layoffs Latest: Companies Making Cuts Shopify YouTube – Shopify lays off 10% of staff amid slower sales Changes to Shopify’s Team Robinhood […]

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Salesforce v Hilton

Salesforce vs. Hilton: Brands Winning the Hiring Game

On this episode of Brand2Brand, Thomas and Veronica talk about recruitment strategies in the most competitive hiring market to date. We’ll look at how Hilton and Salesforce are utilizing social media channels to build a powerful employer brand that’s winning over candidates. Reference Links: Top 10 Companies That Win Employer Branding  Fortune’s Top 10 Companies […]

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Duolingo vs. The Washington Post: Mastering TikTok for Audience Engagement

On this episode of Brand2Brand, Thomas and Veronica explore the brands leveraging TikTok to engage with their audience. We’ll look at the language learning app, Duolingo, and the historic news outlet, The Washington Post, to share tips for success on the platform. Reference Links: The Rise of TikTok (YouTube)  The Washington Post TikTok Duolingo […]

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Wing v Skydio

Wing vs. Skydio: The Not-So-Distant Drone Future

On this episode of Brand2Brand, hosts Thomas and Veronica dig into the potential for drone technology to revolutionize commerce and infrastructure. We’ll look at the drone-delivery services of Alphabet’s Wing and the cutting-edge AI-powered drone product line from Skydio to uncover the emerging opportunities drones provide us. Reference Links:

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So You Want To launch a podcast

BONUS EPISODE: So You Want to Launch a Podcast?

Over the past year, we have launched 30+ episodes of our Brand2Brand podcast and it’s time we share the lessons we uncovered. In the show’s latest bonus episode, Thomas Stirling and Veronica St. Cyr invite you behind the scenes. Diving into studio set-up, format strategy, distribution and cataloging, our hosts will share everything they wish […]

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